I provide sales expertise and execution to start-ups.

B2B SaaS Infrastructure Renewables Sustainability

Specializing in the founder-led sales stage: unlocking repeatable revenue, up-market expansion, or open business in Europe or North-America.

GTM Strategy

Validate your go-to-market (GTM) strategy with expert analysis, ad-hoc market studies, competitors price discovery and go-forward recommendations.

Business Development

Generate a year´s worth of GTM insights and results in just 90 days hands-on sales testing. I will generate leads, close meetings and boost your pipeline, reporting to your CRM of choice.

Sales Consultancy

Build a sales machine that consistently deliver leads, engage meetings and revenue. Learn the nuances of expanding to Europe or USA and train your sales representatives to succed.

Product Audit

Take advantage of front-line SaaS knowledge and test if your product features are in line to the market needs. Check if your marketing assets, pricing, onboarding and support are appropriate.

Sales #Success

David was our first hire out of India, and undoubtedly the top performer. In just 24 months, we went from having no presence in Europe to securing seven enterprise clients, contributing to an annual recurring revenue of over half a million USD.

Initially, we lacked a strategy for expansion in the US. However, after bringing David on board, our revenue in North America increased x6 within 18 months, and specifically in the US, it surged x10, surpassing one million USD. Our client base also tripled during this period.

We sell our proprietary software as a SaaS solution but have faced challenges in expanding sales. To address this, David prepared an excellent report for us detailing the current market status, competitive landscape, and strategic recommendations for product expansion.

We were planning to launch a new service focused on scouting sustainability startups but lacked market validation and a solid go-to-market strategy. David joined our team as a sales representative for 90 days, securing our first leads and assisting us in making a critical go/no-go decision.

Although we originated in France, we had never achieved sustained business success in Spain and other Mediterranean countries. David helped us secure our first clients in the region and adapt our offerings to the nuances of those markets.

Sales #Ideas

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