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My 10-years experience selling B2B SaaS

5 minute read

In the last 10 years, I have mainly paid my bills and splurges out of doing sales and business development for startups selling SaaS software and IoT hardwar...

I will buy your gas tomorrow

18 minute read

Our world and society have changed in the two last centuries more than in the two last millennia. The innovations born at the Industrial Revolution have modi...

Developing your own SW vs. Buying one

3 minute read

Should you need to digitalize a process or managing some kind of data, you may be tempted to develop your own tool, since, nowadays, the entrance barriers an...

The Geotechnical Game of Thrones

9 minute read

The business of Geotechnical Monitoring is carried by a couple of dozens of companies globally, who fight each other for the supremacy and survival, like Kin...

Entender los visados para EEUU

2 minute read

Dependiendo del tiempo que quieras estar en Estados Unidos y lo que vayas a hacer allí, es muy posible que necesites un visado.

Cómo hemos ‘petado’ las ventas en USA

3 minute read

A falta de los últimos números tras la locura del cierre de 2017, puedo decir que hemos multiplicado por más de x10 la ventas en USA en sólo un año, rondando...

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